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What is a Fat Dissolve Course?

A Fat Dissolve Course is a training program designed for beauty professionals, such as aestheticians or cosmetologists, to learn about non-surgical fat reduction techniques. 

These courses often cover the use of injectable treatments like deoxycholic acid (e.g., Kybella) or other advanced technologies to target and dissolve localized fat deposits in various areas of the body.


Participants in these courses are trained on how to safely and effectively administer these treatments to clients, helping them achieve body contouring and fat reduction goals without surgery. 


These courses are part of the expanding field of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, allowing beauty professionals to offer clients a wider range of services beyond traditional skincare and cosmetics.

Fat Dissolve Course Manual Template:


Transform your beauty academy's training programs with our adaptable course manual template. Save time, deliver consistent quality, and foster effective learning. Ensure uniformity and quality across your beauty training programs.


Tailor the course content to fit your academy's unique teaching approach and branding. Add your insights, examples, and exercises to make the material resonate with your students.

Fat Dissolve Course Manual

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