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Accredit Your Courses

Are you finding the accreditation process for your courses confusing? Our aim is to simplify the process for our academies whilst maintaining quality within all courses we accredit.

The Application Process 

We will need to approve your academy or school initially. During this process we assess your school according to our standards and ensure all educators have a teaching qualification such as AET or PTTLS. If you need to take this course, we offer it for £299 and you can complete this course as part of distance learning. We recommend you have this qualification prior to your initial application for accreditation. If you would like to purchase the teaching course, please click here.


For accrediting a course we will need to assess your whole course material including everything your students will see throughout their course. For example; Manuals, workbooks, worksheets, lesson plans or presentations. 

What documents will you need to submit?

-BAAS application forms

-All educator certificates such as PTTLS or AET

-Course certificates for what you want to teach for each educator

-Course manuals and materials (anything the learner will see)

-Policies for your academy (we can provide templates)

From start to finish, you will be kept informed about the process of your application. We anticipate that each application will be assessed within 1 working week. We firstly accredit yourself or your company as a training provider recognised by us. For this you will need to have processes in place. This is further explained in our application pack. If you do not have the documents required, we can provide them for you. Once you have submitted your courses, you will be kept up to date by your account manager on the process of your application. In the circumstance that your application is unsuccessful, we will assist you to be enabled to pass. If any edits need to be made to your courses to adhere to our strict codes of conduct we will suggest them to you after the initial assessment. 

Course Manuals

If you do not have your own course manuals, we do provide templates that are available to purchase from us. If you would like to do this, please mention this in your initial application so we can advise you on the price for the specific manuals you require. 

If you would like to make your own manuals we have provided a guide to ensure you cover all the points required within a training manual. Please download here.

12 Month Accreditation

1 Course £120

2-5 Courses (per course) £108

6-10 Courses (per course) £96

11-15 Courses (per course) £84

16-20 Courses (per course) £72

21+ Courses (per course) £60


Monthly Payments

(12 Month Contract)

1 Course £10 p/m

2-5 Courses (per course) £9 p/m

6-10 Courses (per course) £8 p/m

11-15 Courses (per course) £7 p/m

16-20 Courses (per course) £6 p/m

Additional Courses (per course) £5 p/m

Monthly payments are not finance they are payment plans on a 12 month contract. Date payable is agreed on sign up. Any non payment will be revoked of accreditation and insurers notified.

All accreditation needs to be renewed yearly. 

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting your information. We will get back to you within 2 working days.

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