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Maintaining the standards. Simple and affordable accreditation.

Beauty and Aesthetic Accreditation Specialists

We understand the importance of providing the best education to your students. That's why we offer a comprehensive accreditation process that includes a thorough evaluation of the academy's courses, teaching methods, and staff qualifications.

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Our rigorous standards ensure that only the best academies and courses receive our accreditation. We are dedicated to ensuring that all academies and courses meet the industry's highest standards.

Previously, accrediting your beauty courses was a long winded process and expensive. We are an organisation which prides itself on quick accreditation times at affordable prices.


 Adhere to HABIA National Occupational Standards.

Your students can be assured that they are receiving quality training and will receive an accredited certificate at the end of their course to enable them to gain insurance. We are an independent accreditation company for the beauty, aesthetic and hair industry who adhere to HABIA National Occupational Standards.

We accredit some online and all in person courses which are in the field of beauty, hair and aesthetics. 


Improve reputation and credibility and increase enrollment and student satisfaction.

Increase community and industry recognition through our social media promotion.

Students often look for accredited courses to ensure they can gain insurance.

Two step process accreditation. We accredit your academy and your individual courses.

Enhance curriculum and educational standards.

Discounts on course manual licences.

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